Brand: vendor-unknown

Color Of Canvas:

  • Full Color
  • Sepia
  • Black and White

Size Of Canvas:

  • 18X24
  • 27X36
  • 36x54
  • 36X54

Type Of Canvas:

  • Rolled Canvas ( no frame )

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Product Description

Corkscrew Falls Rolled Canvas Prints

Corkscrew Falls Rolled Canvas Prints The Hocking Hills in Logan, Ohio in the United States can be the perfect spot you are looking for. This place is filled with pristine beauty that leaves you spellbound, and soothes your senses. The place also has historical significance, with some illustrations here indicating that the ancient Adena culture that dates back to 7000 years, existed here. A deeply dissected area of the Allegheny Plateau of Ohio, the Hocking Hills is filled with an abundance of waterfalls, fountains, rock shelters, gorges and cliffs. Once you have finished visiting the Corkscrew Falls, there are some more spectacular places around it that you cannot miss. The first of them is the Cedar Falls, a relatively more-famous waterfall in this region. Most of its popularity is derived from its massiveness and presence from the ancient times. The magnificence of the Democracy Steps, a mathematical splendor built by an artist and mathematician Akio Hiozume cannot go unnoticed. Now, Hocking River is the next attraction you should be visiting. The place derives its name from this ancient river around which the early Indian tribes inhabited. This river is very famous for the affordable canoeing trips available here. You can swim or take a sun bath in the beach area. The water level is not so deep, which makes it safe for kids. The Hocking Hills is a deeply dissected area of the Allegheny Plateau in Ohio, primarily in Hocking County, that features cliffs, gorges, rock shelters, and waterfalls.

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